Beyond Pearls: A Journey Through the History of Pearls


The Oldest Gemstone In The World

While diamonds may last forever, pearls have a history that predates almost all other gemstones. Unlike most jewels that are mined, cut, and polished, pearls are naturally beautiful right from the moment they are extracted from the mollusk. Their unique luster and iridescence have made them symbols of purity and natural beauty for centuries.

Gifts of Nature

Pearls have been revered by various cultures around the globe, both ancient and modern. In Greek mythology, pearls were considered tears of joy shed by the goddess Aphrodite. The ancient Egyptians associated pearls with Isis, the goddess of healing and life.

Pearls and Royalty

Julius Caesar restricted the wearing of pearl jewelry to the rulers of the Roman Empire during the first century B.C. Similarly, during the British Empire's heyday, only royalty had the privilege of wearing these lustrous gems. Even until recently, pearls were exclusive to royalty and the wealthy nobility due to their high cost.

Legends and Literature

Various cultures have fascinating myths and legends about pearls. Tribal Indians believed they were tears of their gods. An Arab legend tells of dewdrops filled with moonlight falling into the ocean and being swallowed by oysters, thus forming pearls. The King James Bible even states that the Gates of Heaven are made of pearl. Pearls have been mentioned in numerous works of literature and are often depicted in famous paintings as jewelry, hair decorations, and clothing adornments.

Pearls Through the Ages

Historical accounts suggest that Native Americans traded strings of beads for the island of Manhattan. Fast forward a few centuries, and in 1916, French jeweler Jacques Cartier acquired land in Manhattan for his first American store, paying with a strand of natural pearls. Today, pearls continue to be cherished as traditional wedding gifts, birthstones, and symbols of taste and refinement.

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