Why Every Woman Needs a Pearl Necklace in Her Jewelry Box

Why Every Woman Needs a Pearl Necklace in Her Jewelry Box

Pearls have been known to mankind since time immemorial, and their uniqueness has been immortalised in legends from more than one country. Pearls were considered by the Romans to be symbols of intelligence, riches and good fortune. Ladies used to sleep with pearl necklaces to have good dreams. A pearl necklace from the excavations of the Persian monarchs' winter palace at Susa, dating back to roughly 350 BC, has even been rediscovered.

A classic pearl necklace embodies flawless naturalness, refinement, and unadorned elegance. It is a timeless piece of ornament that every woman should own in her jewellery box. The intrinsic luster and sparkle of a pearl necklace distinguishes it from other jewels. 

A pearl necklace symbolizes social prominence

Since the early 1900s, the renowned British jeweller Harry Winston has significantly influenced the global luxury jewellery market. Known for his exquisite and opulent designs, Winston was instrumental in popularising the regal and sophisticated multi-strand pearl necklace among the elite. Royalty and high society figures wearing these elegant pearl necklaces signaled their elevated status and refined taste. This association cemented the pearl necklace as a timeless symbol of grace and prestige. Today, the allure of the pearl necklace as an emblem of elegance and sophistication remains as strong as ever.

There is a pearl necklace for everybody

The uniqueness of pearl necklaces remains essential. Princess Diana, actress and model Jessica Parker, Indian royalty Maharani Gayatri, Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai. and the legendary Gabrielle Chanel all wore the pearl necklace. This is not to say that pearl necklaces are reserved only for wealthy women. The diverse market for pearl necklaces offers a wide range of options, making the purchase of such a jewel an increasingly affordable and straightforward process.

Originality of workmanship

Pearl necklaces are recognized for their impeccable craftsmanship. The pearl necklaces are handcrafted with precision by expert jewellery manufacturers. Pearls are typically classified into two types: uncultured (natural) pearls and cultivated pearls (authentic sea or freshwater pearls bred on pearl farms). A necklace composed of natural pearls is significantly rarer and more expensive. Cultured pearl necklaces are just as natural and lovely as natural pearl necklaces, but they are less expensive and offer a wider selection.

The epitome of elegance 

Pearl necklaces provide a new and fashionable touch to formal clothing. A Classic Pearl Necklace Set can be dressed for a variety of events. For a formal occasion, wear it with a contemporary black dress and let the pearls take center stage. For a more casual approach, pair it with a pristine white shirt and jeans to bring a touch of elegance to your everyday style. 

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