Wedding Bells?

Wedding Bells?


Looking for gifts for your bridesmaids that look and feel elegant but are also on a budget?

We have you covered! To start with, we know, someone who says they don't like Pearls, is lying…

Pearl jewellery for bridesmaids is a wonderful choice that complements a variety of wedding themes and colour schemes.

 Here are options for pearl jewellery suitable for bridesmaids:

Pearl Earrings:


Pearl stud earrings are a versatile and understated option that pairs well with any bridesmaid dress for now and also remains a classic for many more times. SHOP NOW!

  • For a more elaborate look, pearl drop earrings or gemstone earrings featuring can add a touch of subtle sophistication.



  • A pearl bracelet that just glides onto your bridesmaid's wrist is a definite win! Let's keep the design simple and elegant. You can always choose a style that matches your personal preferences or stick to the classic best sellers! SHOP NOW!


A ‘Bride’ wearing pearls? How unconventional! 

Well, that's everything we stand for.

Pearls have been treasured for centuries in Indian culture for their symbolism of purity, and are a reflection of the bride's inner radiance as she embarks on a new journey of love and companionship. 

Pearl jewellery for an Indian bride is a classic choice that will never go out of style. It complements a wide range of bridal outfits, from traditional red and gold to contemporary pastel hues. Pearl jewellery for an Indian bride-to-be is a timeless and elegant choice that exudes grace, sophistication, and tradition.

 Here are a few options of pearl jewellery suitable for a bride-to-be for her special functions


  • A stunning pearl necklace is the centerpiece of the bride's jewellery ensemble. It can be a single strand or can involve layering, depending on the bride's preference.
  • The pearls can vary in size, with larger pearls making a bold statement and smaller pearls offering a more delicate look.
  • There's always a second choice with Beyond Pearls and you can opt for our precious Gemstone Necklace to adorn your traditional look! 

Pearl Earrings:

  • Complementing the necklace, pearl earrings are essential. The earrings can be long and dangling or more compact studs, depending on the bride’s hairstyle and personal style. Feel free to get in touch with our stylist on the website for any styling tips and needs. SHOP NOW!


  • Pearl-studded bracelets can adorn a bride's wrists beautifully. While keeping it simple and not getting stuck in your outfit. That's one less worry for sure! They can look delicate or chunky as you would prefer. SHOP NOW!

Hope we have your Bridal needs covered! 

PS- We've also got pearl cufflinks for your man to match you!